I got tired of MilkVR requiring a vpn connection to update, so I made my own player.  Nowhere near as polished as the professional apps, it works for me.

You can download it from the excellent SideloadVR site.

v0.1 Features and Bugs
  • Load video from any folder on your device
  • Play 180x180 or 360 degree videos in 3D or flat
  • Skip forwards and backwards, pause, using the touchpad.
  • Bug: UI is boring
  • Bug: Touch controls are a bit touchy
  • Bug: No video progress bar or time display
  • Bug: Scrolling in the file list involves a strange tap-and-nod gesture
  • Bug: Flat videos don't have any sort of aspect ratio choice
If you enjoy using it, consider donating a few quid, thank you.